Areas of Expertise

Relationship Counselling

Life brings many changes; changes that are expected and unexpected. Life's changes sometime effect the relationships in our lives. Counselling using tarot and an astrological approach helps the client mentally, emotionally and physically make necessary changes

Schedule your 3 part counselling session  with Elle and let the healing begin.

Cognitive Behavioral described through Tarot

What does the tarot say about you? What are your patterns, habits, characteristic traits?  What does the tarot say about your partner and your compatibility? Schedule your session with Elle today to earn more about how what the tarot and you think about you. 

Dating Advice 

Dating can be challenging for all of us. Getting to know someone new while trying to be vulnerable and available is easier said than done. Tarot and astrology can help you navigate the process of allowing yourself to cultivate healthy connections with other by way of advice from the universe. Book a session to get dating advice and guidance with Elle today. 

My Approach

Elle Tarot 's approach is spiritual, esoteric (tarot) and practical all wrapped up in  big bow of love and understanding. Elle's approach toward helping clients through tarot is best summed up with the quote, "You can't be so heavenly minded that you're no earthly good". Elle likes to interview her clients to gain practical information to then marry the spiritual and tarot.